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Many people are aware of some of the benefits solar panels can offer them. They are, however, mistaken in believing it is not a cost effective option for their home. At one point, solar technology was extremely cost prohibitive to the average home owner, but over time, as improvements have been made in manufacturing and interest has increased, this simply isn’t the case anymore. In fact, most systems will pay for themselves in only a matter of five years, meaning you will be essentially making money from your panels after that.

As industry leaders, Cazeault Solar & Home has been in business since 1927. We have specialized in energy efficient home exterior improvements. Our technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled and can install your solar panels in a timely fashion with great accuracy. That is why we are the number one choice in Plymouth and the South Shore for residential solar panel installation.

Why Cazeault Solar & Home is the Right Choice

Solar technology was largely popularized out in places like Arizona and California, where the sun always shines through clear skies on flat plains. The weather here on the South Shore of Massachusetts is VERY different, and therefore the techniques and skill involved in solar panel installation are unique. As roofing specialists with 85 years of experience, we have developed the proper training that allows our team to be able to safely and accurately install your solar panels. We take into consideration the local weather and install your panels so they can withstand the wind, snow and hail they will inevitably encounter.

For solar panel installation that will last, you want to call on Cazeault Solar & Home.

What Solar Panels Can Do For Your Home

Solar panels are mounted on your roof (where they will get the most sun exposure) and soak up the radiation of the sun. That radiation is converted to electricity by a photovoltaic inverter and then fed back into the grid. That contribution of solar energy is credited by your power company back to you, translating into serious savings on your energy costs. Not only that, but solar panels increase the value of your property.

If you would like to learn more about generating your own clean energy and saving money, call Cazeault Solar & Home to learn what solar panels can do for your home. Contact Us About Solar.